Nature and Animal-Inspired Art: My artistic style draws its inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the natural world and the captivating charm of animals. This influence is evident in my work, as I intricately weave the essence of nature and the allure of creatures into my creations.

Diverse Artistic Skills: I am a versatile artist, proficient in a range of artistic skills. I skillfully employ painting, drawing, and applique as some of the many tools in my artistic arsenal. This versatility allows me to adapt to the unique demands and visions of each furniture piece, resulting in a diverse portfolio of work that showcases my mastery of multiple techniques.  

Decorating and Refinishing Furniture: As a furniture painter and artist, I go beyond the conventional by transforming furniture into true works of art. Each piece I refinish becomes a canvas for nature and animal-inspired artistry. Through creative talents, I enhance the aesthetic value of furniture, giving it a new lease on life while infusing it with individuality and character.  

Originals, Prints, and Cards: My artistic expression extends beyond furniture refinishing. In my shop on Facebook, aptly named '@artofmorrow,' visitors have the opportunity to explore and acquire art in various forms. This includes originals, allowing collectors to own one-of-a-kind pieces of work. Additionally, I offer prints and cards, making my art accessible to a wider audience, who can now bring a touch of nature-inspired creations into your home. In essence, my artistic journey is a captivating blend of nature's wonders and the unique world of animals, brought to life through a medley of creative skills. My commitment to sharing my art via various mediums, including furniture refinishing, originals, prints, and cards, ensures that the beauty and charm of creations can touch the hearts and homes of many.

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